5 Ways to Avoid a Cesarean Section

Today in America, over 30% of births end in a c-section. This is far above the suggested 10-15% from the World Health Organization.

  • Manage Fear

Fear leads to tension in your body. Tension leads to pain. And pain leads to more fear. It’s an ugly cycle that is one of the culprits leading to an unplanned c-section.

  • Avoid unnecessary induction

The average first-time mom delivers at 41 weeks and 1 day. Being medically induced greatly increases your rate for c-section. Pitocin, the drug commonly used for induction, leads to stronger, more intense contractions, making it harder for the mom to handle these contractions without other medical interventions and pain relief.

  • Keep your bladder empty during labor

This might sound funny but it’s true! You should empty your bladder at least once an hour during labor. Doing so will relieve discomfort and leave plenty of room for your uterus to do what it needs to for your baby to make his or her entrance into the world!

  • Eat healthy during your pregnancy.

Eating healthy can help you stay low risk during pregnancy, which ultimately lowers your chances of a c-section. Eat lots of protein and dark green veggies!

  • Hire a doula (a labor support specialist)

Women who birth with a doula are 28% less likely to have a cesarean.