How I chose a doula

It’s so important to choose a doula that’s right for you. And how fabulous is it that you get to choose the person who is going to support you during one of the greatest moments in your life? I am so thankful I had a doula for both of my births. They were both the amazing support I needed to have the birth experience I wanted. From my experience searching for doulas, I developed three tips:

1. Interview lots of doulas!

Don’t be afraid to interview several doulas. Don’t feel like you have to go with the first one you meet. Sit down, and see if you mesh. Think about if they will work well with your birth partner. Do you feel comfortable with the person? You could be spending several hours with them. 🙂

2. Ask lots of questions!

Have a list of questions prepared for when you meet with each doula you are interested in working with. Ask about their birth experiences, what comfort measures they use and how they plan to best support you. For a complete list of interview questions, visit

3. Ask for references and talk to former clients of doulas you interview if possible!

Nothing beats hearing from other women that have worked with your potential doula. Listen to their birth experience and how the doula supported them. Ask yourself if you would like to be supported in a similar way. Ask what the doula’s strengths and weaknesses are. Sometimes it really helps to hear feedback from someone else!

Happy searching!!