Mackenzie’s Birth (part 2)

Everything was happening much quicker than I anticipated. My sister came to get our son and my husband called our doula and midwife to have them come as quickly as possible. I knew I was in active labor, but still assumed I had plenty of time before my baby was born. The contractions were intense and hard to cope with, but I assumed that I was struggling to find a rhythm because my labor support hadn’t arrived yet. My husband was still hoping to get a shower when my doula arrived and I was still dreaming of my water birth once my midwife arrived.

My husband turned on my birth playlist that I had made, but the songs bothered me more than anything and so did the ice he gave me. I was already in transition! My husband Gabe was on the phone with our midwife who was on her way to our house. When she found out I was still sitting on the toilet and that I was starting to push, she firmly instructed my husband to move me now! The goal was to slow things down. It was clear to her that she would not arrive before the baby was born. It was then that my doula walked in. While Gabe ran around getting towels and cloths, my doula stayed with me. After just a little over 20 minutes of pushing , my baby was born into my husband’s waiting hands!

“It’s a girl!” my doula shouted. What a wonderful surprise!! Right after that my midwife’s assistant walked into our house. My daughter was born in our bathroom in just under three hours, just like my dream. It was another supernatural birth, quick and complication free!