Parker’s birth (part 2)

When I stepped in to the birth tub I saw the birth affirmations we had placed under the pool liner “Perfect love casts out all fear.” I was so encouraged! God was giving me a supernatural birth, and I knew I could do anything with His strength! I soon found out that pushing was hard work! My midwife instructed me to try a supported squat in the water, which really helped progress things. After a while, my legs began to get tired and I asked my midwife if I could change positions. She assured me that I could but I would lose progress. Comfort was not worth that, so I pushed on!

After two hours, my husband caught our son, Parker Elijah, and handed him to me. He was perfect in every way. My midwife plugged in the Christmas lights in our room, something I really wanted to be a part of my beautiful birth. There was never a point where I felt like giving up or that I couldn’t do it. It was a completely fearless, empowering experience. I’ll never forget the sweet, quiet awe in the room, and the closeness I felt with everyone present. It truly was the beautiful, supernatural birth I had dreamed of and prayed for.