Parker’s Birth Story (part 1)

Before I got pregnant with my son Parker, I had never heard a positive birth story. I didn’t really know giving birth could be beautiful and empowering experience until I attended a childbirth class (check out and read Ina Mae Gaskin’s book “Guide to Childbirth” (a must read no matter how many babies you have had!). As I heard positive stories and learned that bringing a child in to the world didn’t have to be scary and painful, I began to pray and ask God for a beautiful, supernatural birth (please check out the book “Supernatural Birth” by Jackie Mize!).

At 1:40 am my water broke after getting up to use the bathroom, something I seemed to be doing every hour of the night. My heart began to race as I fumbled around for my phone to call my midwife and doula. Because we were planning a home birth, we prepared our bed, made sure everything was in order and then tried to go back to sleep. Contractions were light and 15 minutes apart for the rest of the night and we carried on with our day like normal. My sister informed me it could be awhile, but I was determined to have my baby in my arms by dinner time.

It wasn’t until about noon that active labor began, but once things began they moved quickly. My doula came and encouraged me to get into a position that would really get me into a groove, which was awesome. I sat on a birth ball and leaned on the couch and my husband, who was a world class birth partner. A couple hours later, my midwife arrived. After 4 hours of intense active labor, I was ready to get in the birth tub we had placed in our bedroom and push!